What Kind of Organic Baby Products Are Available?

What Kind of Organic Baby Products Are Available?
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When you hear about organic baby products, do you automatically think of food? While organic baby food has been on the market for quite some time, there are many products beyond the realm of edible baby items to think about. In fact, organic materials are becoming very popular as the general public takes a closer look at the harsh reality of plastics, bleaches, and dyes. Parents and babies are benefitting from this trend.

One of the most noticeable areas impacting the production of organic baby products is that related to plastics that hold foods and beverages. BPA, an organic compound used in making plastics, has become questionable in its safety. There have been warnings about the substance being potentially hazardous to children, infants, and its use in baby bottles has been banned. As you look for feeding related items for your baby or toddler, it’s important to look for toxin-free options.

Fabric is another consideration as you explore organic baby products. You will find materials that are composed of organically grown cotton as popular choices in organic clothing and bedding. You can expect that these are free of bleach and chemicals that could pose a hazard to your little one. You’ll also find that gentle dyes are used to provide color in such products. Mattress pads include breathable materials that are safe for your baby.

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Organic baby products also include diapering and skincare categories. You’ll find both cloth and disposable diapers created from organic materials. Fragrances are omitted as are petroleum products. Generally, disposables that are organic in nature are also more eco-friendly. Your choices of organic bath and body products for your baby are created of high-quality ingredients, providing you with safe alternatives for keeping your child clean and safe.

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Many parents are thoroughly aware of the benefits of using organic baby products. Others just know that it sounds good and figure that it must be important. Still, others think of organic options for their costs and avoid thinking about the benefits. It’s important to make good choices for your baby because your baby doesn’t have the ability to make those decisions for himself. You have an important responsibility, and you have many exceptional choices as the world becomes more aware of how toxic substances can affect childhood development.

Give Your Child A Great Start With Organic Baby Products

Little girl with Mom
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As a parent, you want the best for your baby. One way to give your child a healthy start in life is to use organic baby products. Organic products are free of pesticides and toxins that can cause health issues for your child.

Your baby’s nursery should have organic baby products. Sheets, mattress covers and blankets are available that have no pesticides or harmful dyes. Babies have more sensitive skin than adults, so selecting these types of items when purchasing bedding is good for your child.

To further protect your child’s delicate skin, buy organic clothes. The clothes will be in mostly neutral colors because they do not have the dyes used in non-organic clothes, but giving up vibrant colors is a small price to pay to have healthier items for your child.

When you choose organic clothes and bedding, there is less risk of the baby getting rashes from the pesticides used to grow the cotton or the dyes used to color fabrics. In addition to choosing organic fabrics, use organic lotions, soaps and shampoos as a way to care for your child’s skin.

You should consider organic baby products when buying milk and food for your child. Some studies show that organic foods have higher nutritional values than foods grown with pesticides.

Organic baby products such as toys are also good for your child. Babies stick things in their mouths. When you purchase organic baby products, the toys your child plays with will be safer to put in the mouth. There is a variety of organic stuffed animals and wooden toys available that are fun and healthy for your child.

Organic baby products may be a little more expensive, but they are a great way to ensure that your baby gets off to a good start in life.

How to Shop for Organic Baby Products

Baby wearing organic baby cloth

Organic baby products are the best option for infants and toddlers. These products are made from all-natural materials that have not been treated with harmful chemicals or toxins. Plastics have been a source of negative attention, as the BPA and PVCs are found to be harmful, especially for small infants who have underdeveloped systems. With organic baby products, you can rest assured that the materials are in their natural form and safe for the baby, no matter how many times he or she puts things in the mouth!

There are many different types of organic baby products on the market, including toys, bedding, blankets, clothes, bath products and nursery décor. These products are made from wool, bamboo and organic cotton that has not been treated or dyed. To cut down on the chemicals, organic baby products feature simple designs and minimal colors. This makes it easy to shop for a baby of any age or gender and to pass the products down to another child.

Many people expect the cost of organic baby products to be much higher than regular products. While organic materials are more expensive, with more demand, there is a larger selection and more competitive prices. Your best option is to shop online, as many websites are dedicated toward carrying all organic baby products, from soaps to bedding to mattresses. This allows consumers to get their hands on all types of organic gifts, while being able to price compare and find the best deals.

It’s also important to learn about the product you’re about to buy. Just because it says it has the organic stamp of approval, doesn’t mean this is true. Some products are only part organic, which could make a difference in the type of bedding you choose, as you want to avoid chemical exposure, not just reduce it. Learn as much as you can about where the product comes from and the ingredients used. For example, the very finest wool will come from free-range sheep that are fed healthy diets. Another example is organic baby bedding, as some mattresses still douse the fibers in flame retardants, while others rely on the natural fire wicking properties in wool.

Organic baby products are the best way to ensure that the youngest members of society are given the best start. By limited chemical exposure and introducing healthy and safe toys and products, we can feel confident knowing that our little ones are surrounding by the safest products.

Making a Holiday shopping list? Get to Know Organic Baby Products

Organic baby products

With the holidays rapidly approaching, you’ve probably already begun to put together a holiday shopping list. If you have a baby on your list this holiday season, you may be uncertain of what to buy. There are so many baby products on the market, shopping for a baby can easily become overwhelming, which doesn’t fly when you’re shopping for so many people at once. Unlike the standard holiday gifts of cookies and toy-filled stockings, baby gifts deserve extra special attention since you want the gift to be safe, developmentally appropriate, and valued by the parents.

For starters, stick solely to organic baby gifts, whether your little one is approaching the first birthday or has yet to make an entrance into the world. Organic baby gifts are the favored choice since they have the stamp of approval: they’re safe, all-natural and contain no harmful pesticides or chemicals. It may sound disturbing to think that chemicals and pesticides are used in baby products, but the truth is that this is the norm when it comes to infant products.

Take baby linens, blankets and clothes for example. If they are not made from organic cotton, the cotton is most likely treated with pesticides and chemicals during the growing process. The manufacturing of cotton is generally petroleum-based and remains in the clothing after production. Additionally, manufacturers add dyes to make the clothing bright and colorful, and these dyes can cause allergic reactions and skin irritations.

When you keep your eye out for organic baby gifts, you have the peace of mind that the clothing is made from organic cotton that is not treated with chemicals or pesticides. You can rest assured that the blanket you purchased was not made with allergy-inducing dyes. You can feel good knowing that the teething ring your young recipient is gnawing on is free of BPA and PVC.

In addition to the basics, you can also find a good selection of organic baby gifts that can be used for everyday things, such as organic diapers, organic skincare products, organic bath products, and organic furniture. Not only are these items safe for babies, but also they have unique, forward-thinking designs that give them an edge in the marketplace. The bottom line is that organic baby gifts are in a class of their own. Don’t pass up the opportunity to purchase an organic gift for the one you love this holiday season.

Happy Healthy Holidays With Organic Baby Gifts

Organic Baby Gifts

This holiday season, there is an increased awareness of and concern for the condition of the environment. This is reflected in the current trends in consumer purchases. Folks are buying more “green” products that reduce our impact, or carbon footprint, as it has been labeled. The market for baby products is no different. Parents and caregivers are looking for more organic baby gifts not only to preserve the environment in general, but to safeguard the environment of their infant.

Organic baby gifts include all the things little people require after they make their debut into the world. The following is a list of possible gifts for the new little one:

  • Layette sets
  • Plush toys
  • Bath sets
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Teethers and bottles

Non-organic products contain chemicals and other potentially toxic influences that are commonly used during the manufacturing process. The lack of these harmful substances makes organic baby gifts naturally better for babies, whose skin and respiratory systems are so sensitive to outside influences. Organic products are safe and are appreciated for their quality, longevity, and comfort.

You may wonder where to find organic baby gifts for Christmas or another upcoming holiday or special occasion. If you do not know of any local boutiques or shops, a quick search on the Internet will reveal a wide selection of eco-friendly companies that produce all kinds of organic baby gifts from furniture to bottles.

One would expect the cost for these all-natural products to be slightly higher than similar commercially produced products. However, the difference in price is minimal and consumers are usually willing to pay a little more to get higher quality and peace of mind that come with buying organic products.

Organically grown cotton is used to make baby clothing and blankets and is very soft. Great care is taken to make the clothing colorful and comfortable and cute. Of course, only natural dyes are used. Most companies that carry organic baby products also carry products for expectant or new mothers and cleaning products for the home. So if you are looking for an especially nice gift for the newborn, infant, or toddler in your life, look for organic gifts that will keep the little one safe and happy.

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