The best teething home remedy


Teething home remedies are ideal for all babies so they don’t have to endure the sleepless nights and lots of drool. Some mothers give their babies acetaminophen. But this medicine can cause a liver damage to kids. In fact, it’s the number one cause of liver disease in the UK.

Before you head over to the pharmacy and obtain some treatments for teething, try these home remedies first.

Lavender oil

This essential oil can calm and relax your baby. It may also numb the gums to alleviate the pain. Or you may apply another essential oil – clove – to calm and numb your baby’s gums.

These two oils can be obtained from an online health shop.


Your baby may not like its taste but it’s an effective home remedy that soothes the nerve endings to take away the pain. You’ll need some peeled ginger root, and rub it against your baby’s gum for couple of minutes. Use this remedy each time your baby is uncomfortable with the pain caused by teething.


Another reliever for teething pain is vanilla extract. Just like the peeled ginger, you need to rub it over your baby’s inflamed gums. Massage it gently for three minutes. You may repeat this process each time your baby needs a relief from the pain.

It differs from ginger because vanilla tastes good and ginger doesn’t.


You need to freeze it first to provide cooling effects for your baby’s gums. After a few minutes of freezing it, take it out, peel it and put it on your baby’s gums.

On the other hand, you may use many other chilled fruits, like apples or strawberries. However, banana is better because of its softness making it an ideal pain reliever for teething.

Are Your Natural Cleaning Products Baby Safe?

Today is March 20th and that means that spring has officially sprung! With spring also comes spring cleaning and so we must ask: are your natural cleaning products baby safe? Most of our site visitors know the benefits of organic food, baby clothing, bedding, and skin care products. A lot of health savvy consumers even buy natural cleaning products for their home. Most of these cleaning products promise to only contain natural (instead of synthetic) agents, and not be a toxic threat to humans or the environment. But many of these so called green cleaners might not be so safe for your baby after all. Liquid hand wash soap is one of those products that we use every day and there are products out there where the product contains toxins like lead for example.
Even though lots of these natural cleaning products claim to list all their ingredients, the market is not regulated, at all. Which leads me to be wary of what else is in the bottle. They may contain natural ingredients we want to stay away from, such as petroleum distillates, which studies show some may cause cancer. Also, just because a plant based cleaning product is biodegradable, doesn’t mean it wont have potential adverse effects on health or the environment.

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Some of these “eco-freindly” cleaners use limonen (a citrus based oil), coconut diethanolamide, and pine oil — of which all have been found to cause allergic dermatitis. Furthermore, a recent study of nontoxic and supposedly natural consumer products found the chemical 1,4-dioxanend (a suspected cancer causing substance) in roughly half of 100 tested products. These included several dish washing liquids using “eco-friendly” and “earth friendly” in their brand names. Hygo in Uk advises that you fist read the ingredients before you but such products especially for your kids.

Many health conscious consumer advocates, including the organic consumers organization, have pressured the government for stricter lableing rules to no avail. For more information, visit Environmental Working Group’s


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