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I’ve been on the hunt for tasty, healthy, organic baby food for my 8 month old son.
Organic, non gmo, light, easy to prepare, and additive and preservative free – would you expect those words to describe a baby food? I sure didn’t. I figured my only options were to make it myself, or deal with highly processed stuff with additives. Busy moms want easy foods for their little ones, without sacrificing the healthy part. I totally understand that. That’s me. I have 5 kids. My oldest is 6 years old, and my youngest is 8 months. Over the course of raising 5 babies I’ve tried it all – homemade baby food, baby led weaning, and store-bought baby food. I’ve found that while baby led weaning is my favorite, it’s not always easy or practical with 5 young kids and being on the go so much. However, I also don’t have much time to prepare homemade baby food, so I’ve returned to buying store-bought for my youngest for the days we’re on the go. Sound familiar?

“Honestly, this baby food has the best flavor of any baby foods I’ve tried so far…and this is my 4th child, so I know baby food!” #momapproved #babytestimonial #freezedried #tastethedifference

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Amara brings a totally new type of baby food. With their freeze drying process, the original color, smell, and flavor of the food is maintained, but the process also holds in the essential nutrients that are often destroyed by the high amounts of heat used in typical baby food processing. The result is a nutritious and apparently, according to my little guy, very yummy food for infants!

We tried their potato and kale mash, and the first thing I noticed while looking over the package was that the ingredient list is incredibly straightforward – 4 ingredients, all organic fruits and vegetables. Real food. That made me incredibly happy. Preparation was just as easy. Pour the pouch’s contents in a bowl, add breast milk, formula, or water, let sit for a few minutes, stir until smooth, and enjoy! That part made him incredibly happy.

Yes, it really was that simple. It took me longer to thaw the breast milk than it did to mix up the food, but obviously if I hadn’t frozen it, it would have been an even easier process.

As I mentioned before, it can also be made with formula or water. When I opened the package, I was greeted by a pleasant smell of real veggies, not the normal, nasty baby food smells.

My little guy thought Amara’s kale and potato mash was so tasty, he took the spoon for the first time and was feeding himself! I guess I was moving too slow for him.

Mealtime ended with an empty bowl and a happy baby with a full tummy of nutritious food.

The only possible con I found was the packaging. The pouches are specially made to protect the food from light and humidity. They take up less space in my kitchen cabinet, and are convenient to toss in my purse or diaper bag on the go. However, it also requires taking a bowl to mix it in or requesting a small bowl when dining in a restaurant. I think that’s a pretty small inconvenience though. Overall, we give Amara Organic Dried Baby Food an A+.

Want to try it for yourself? Amara currently has 5 delicious, organic, non gmo varieties, and all but one are also gluten-free. They are sold in boxes of 4, 5, or 7 pouches, depending on the variety chosen.
You can also find Amara Baby Food on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I received samples of Amara organic dried baby food for the purpose of this review. No additional compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.


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