How To Get Your Stubborn Toddler To Take A Nap Without Resistance

Toddler Sleeping With A Teddy Bear

Today I’m going to share with you how you can get your resistant toddler to nap again, because we’ve all been there. Right? You’ve got a toddler and he’s napping pretty well, or maybe even beautifully every day and then all of a sudden for seemingly, no reason he just refuses to nap. So what can you do to get your toddler napping again?

What I’m sharing with you today is assuming that your toddler’s still does need a daily nap and the very general guidelines for this is if your toddler is younger than three. So if you got a two or a one year old and they’re not all refusing that time every day. This is how you can get your toddler back to consistently napping every day because they still need a lot of daytime sleep. Toddlers and babies need to sleep throughout the day. It’s a biological need.  So rather than just giving up too early which is going to lead to lots of crankiness and Tantrums and meltdowns at bedtime and probably waking through the night. Let’s get it sorted and get your toddler and napping again.

What Do You Need To Do Exactly?

Here we go. The first thing you want to do is make sure you burn off all that extra energy before naptime fresh air natural light and stimulation. They really work wonders for burning off excess energy and helping your toddler relax into a daily nap. So even if it’s just opening the back door and letting your toddler go run outside of the yard and play for a while do whatever you can to get him or her outside every day now if it’s yucky weather outside and you can’t really go anywhere try to have a playdate. Because hanging out with other toddlers or young children can really help as well to stimulate your little one and help burn off extra energy before naptime. Next. You want to keep a consistent routine every day for your toddler.

Now, it doesn’t have to be super super tied. If you don’t do well with schedules and routines. I know I don’t do well when every minute of my day is planned, but what really helps toddlers sleep well during the day and at night is having a loose daily routine. That’s the same every day. And so you want to keep consistent the morning. Wake up time nap times and bedtime. That’s the least that you can do. Just try to do those three things because the reason is it helps just set your toddler’s body clock so that each day at the same time. He expects sleep and so he accepts sleeping easier and easier. So make sure you have a consistent nap time or a consistent time of the day that you’re offering an app to your toddler every day because that will work wonders with helping them relax and fall asleep. Also, you want to make sure that naps occur in the same place as my sleep if possible.

Where Should You Let Your Child Take A Nap?

So once your toddler’s down to one daily nap, really try your hardest to not have that baby nap in the stroller or in the car every day because the sleep well there are outside and mobile it’s not as quality or is restorative as sleeping at home in their bed. If your toddler goes to daycare. Well, then there’s nothing you can do about it, but the good news is toddlers typically nap in daycare in cribs or on a mat on the floor. So it resembles nighttime sleep in that they’re not in the car and the stroller and you want to avoid letting your toddler, you know nap in front of the TV or on the sofa because again, the quality of the sleep is not going to be as good as if they were in their bedroom.

You also want to keep your toddler in the loop of everything right? Our toddlers are little Control Freaks and they need to not only know what’s going to happen every day, but they have to approve it. Right. So make sure you start daily communication with your toddler where you say. Okay, now it’s morning we’re going to have our breakfast we’re going to go and play with so-and-so and go run these errands then we’re going to come have lunch and then you’re going to have your nap. So you’re letting your toddler know your expectations for him, you know, you are going to have your nap today and you’re giving them fair warning of what’s going to happen in the day before he’s a bit tired and cranky and can really, you know, refuse you so communicate with your toddler and keep him in the loop.

Commit To It

And lastly you’re going to need to commit to working at it. It’s rare that you can fix that problem with the toddler in just one or two days. So commit to a few weeks of making it work with your consistency and with your communication and letting your toddler know your expectations you will succeed. Remember toddlers still have a biological need to sleep during the day.

So you’re really doing your toddler a favor by encouraging a regular and consistent nap time every day because he really needs it and we parents also need that down time every day. So don’t give up commit to it for a few weeks and I hope the above tips really help you.