How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need On A Regular Basis?

Baby Sleeping In A Basket

Sleep is such a wonderful thing. And the question always is how much sleep does my child really need and can I do anything about that and the truth be told we often can’t do a whole lot but there are a few small things that can make a difference but to start with I think the newborn child basically is going to eat and sleep. And so if they’re sleeping seems to be 24 hours a day that is still normal as long as they’re they’re waking up and eating like they should so sleeping is a real necessity for an infant one of the things that we recommend highly in the newborn period that really does help is to teach your child how to fall asleep by themselves.

And I know it’s a great desire to hold your child and to love your child and we don’t certainly ever want to interfere with that but it also can pay some big dividends if you can put them in bed awake sometimes and let them learn how to comfort themselves and put themselves to sleep because down the road they’re going to be very improved sleepers with that one small thing.

The Number Of Hours That Your Child Needs To Sleep

So about ten percent of babies in the first few weeks of life will sleep longer than six hours. So if you’re lucky enough to be one of those 10% then just count your lucky stars by two months about 25 percent of babies are sleeping six hours and by four months about 54 cents or sleepy. Being longer than six hours.

So through the whole day. Of course when you add up all their naps in the average infant is really sleeping and I’ll somewhere between that 14 and 20 hours a day really time so much more sleep then as they get into the toddler stage the preschools stage then certainly we see less sleep probably in the range of 10 to 12 hours a day probably in that. Time period naps or wonderful thing. We love naps but children again that unpredictably give up their naps and there’s really not a whole lot that we can do we can try to make things conducive to napping but really sometimes it’s beyond our control how much snapping a child will actually do as you get into school age children, of course, the sleeping goes down probably the 9 to 10 hour range and in every age range, there’s a Wide range of normal sleeping time. So these are just rough approximations, but for school-aged child probably around nine to 10 hours or sometimes a little bit more than that ways to foster good sleeping, of course staying active in the daytime certainly is a great help establishing a good healthy bedtime routine.

So a child can begin to wind down and adjust to the time of sleep and being very supportive of them going to sleep is of course a very helpful thing.