Welcome to Organic Baby Wearhouse. All of our organic baby products are certified organic cotton, grown without any synthetic fertilizers, toxins, or pesticides. Also, each organic baby item in our store is produced and manufactured without any harsh dyes, chemical bleaches, and is made strictly to ensure no chemical or metal contaminants come near your child.

Did you know Organic Cotton is Hypo-allergenic for your baby? Organic baby clothing is safer for your family and better for the environment (as traditional cotton farming accounts for 25% of the worlds pesticide use).

Additionally, you’ll find our line of unique baby clothes are not only soft and comfortable for your baby, but extremely durable. Each item is tight knit, stronger, and more durable then many of the main stream brands you’ll find in stores today. We’ve also stitched our organic baby clothing so that there are no rough edges that will touch your babies skin. For more information on the benefits of our organic baby products read on below or visit our blog.
Choose from our full line of unique baby products including organic baby clothing, organic baby bedding, and organic baby gifts.